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About collection:

Elegant double bed. Created with excellent workmanship and care the bedroom of the "Signs of God" collection provides a space for relaxation through the balance of body, mind and soul. Ancient powerful signs, clean lines, a century-old oak texture are the main features of this stunning minimalist bedroom, attractively designed by JOMA9.

Since ancient times, people have tried to discover the secrets of beauty and find underlying patterns, and eventually came to the conclusion that the Golden Ratio should be a benchmark. That is why the Golden Ratio was used by JOMA9 team designing "Signs of God" furniture to create a sense of balance, harmony and beauty.


  • Exclusively handmade
  • A unique handcrafting technique to provide "antique" finish
  • Signs of the Universe embedded into every piece of collection
  • Compliance with the Golden Ratio proportions
  • In-house design and implementation
  • Original and functional design, synergy with nature, no harmful waste


Be it an apartment, a house or even log cabin with stunning views - the “Signs of God “collection will be perfect for scenic environment. The laconic and elegant set of furniture will provide new accents to the urban style living space of concrete, metal and glass.

Bed Signs of God

3 600,00 €Cena
  • 219 x 203 cm

    Height — 45 cm
    Height at the headboard — 114 cm

    The mattress size required for this bed is: 180 x 200 cm

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